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Your opportunity is excellence.

Your opportunity is excellence.

Do you want to embark on a successful entrepreneurial journey in the world of typical Tuscan products?

Quintovizio is the opportunity you've been waiting for. A franchise with a clear, proven, and profitable model to offer the finest products in a welcoming and meticulously detailed environment.

why quintovizio?

Quintovizio offers a unique experience in the world of Tuscan food excellence, thanks to a careful and meticulous selection of the best local products. We offer a wide range of items, including cured meats, cheeses, pasta, sauces, creams, honey, flour, sweets, but also wine, oil and craft beers to rediscover the traditions of Tuscany.

Joining the Quintovizio franchise means having the opportunity to offer your customers an authentic shopping experience, immersed in the flavors and quality of Tuscan products.

Simple and captivating format even in management, as the focus is on the excellence of the quality of the products offered without the need for processing by expert hands, and therefore, of costs that in recent years have been massacring the restaurant industry.

Products research

A unique and complete basket of Tuscan and not only excellences. The most difficult products to find on the market, chosen one by one, outside the large-scale distribution, authentic and grouped together in a single store. Thanks to the type and variety of our products, increasingly with Quintovizio's own brands, we can guarantee a non-competitive franchise.

Intelligent administration

No chefs, no specialized staff, only slicers and some simple tools such as a microwave or tools for regenerating high-quality products or simply heating up a focaccia. Cold cuts, cheeses, but also much more, always selected and of guaranteed excellence to satisfy every customer.

360° assistance

Whether you need help with the product or the administrative/fiscal part, we are here. Careful and timely training, tools and apps to simplify the management of batches, technical data sheets and orders for your store, as well as our dedicated staff, always available.

Choose the format that best suits you, your location, and your possibilities.

Every person is different, every city and every venue has its own potential and needs. That's why we've created 3 different formats in which to tailor Quintovizio, in order to offer everyone their own opportunity and always maximize results and investments.

format one:


It focuses exclusively on the retail sale of pre-packaged food or cold cuts, wine, and branded products. No catering, no slicer. Only 30 sq m are needed, store hours, and products delivered pre-packaged. Recommended for tourist cities.

format two:


 In addition to the above-mentioned sales, it adds the possibility of offering platters of our finest products, sandwiches, focaccia, and gourmet crackers. So, not only grocery shopping, but also quick lunches, snacks, and especially aperitifs or apericena (depending on the layout and location, also breakfasts). The opening hours are extended and tables, stools, and some tools such as a slicer are required.

format three:

Gourmet food shop with dining options

The Kingdom of Vice in full, with everything mentioned above but also the possibility of purchasing all the tested, fresh, and freshly sliced products for home consumption. Certainly the most comprehensive and engaging format that allows offering a range of products that will keep the venue open and operating from morning till night. All this without the need for cooks or exhaust hoods or the like.

What we ask


Format one: from 600€/sq m

Format two: from 800€/sq m     

Format three: from 1100€/sq m

The cost varies depending on the size of the space:

the larger the square footage, the lower the setup cost.




3% of revenue starting from the first year (minimum €300 per month).


€500/per month


Format one: tourist city centre

Format two: residential, tourist areas

Format three: office, residential or tourist area


Format one: from 40 sq m

Format two: from 60 sq m

Format three: from 100 sq m


Format one: one salesman

Format two: by 2 people, of whom at least one is specialized

Format three:  by 2 people, of whom at least one is specialized


A minimum population requirement of 50,000 residents.

What we offer


Framework agreements with 'affiliated' suppliers for the design and complete setup of the retail space (excluding masonry and plant works), including furniture and technical equipment.


Support for evaluating the location using geomarketing criteria.


Two-week pre-opening training course at our operational stores to acquire the necessary skills in product preparation, resource management, marketing, and sales and customer management.


On-site assistance from an expert for business startup procedures and 24/7 telephone consultancy


Comprehensive operational manuals covering all procedures, standard forms, and operational guides with clear and detailed technical sections.


A grant of permission to use the company's brand and coordinated image, along with the provision of customized apparel for sales staff.


A comprehensive marketing and communication strategy encompassing both pre-launch and ongoing activities, with a strong emphasis on digital marketing and social media marketing initiatives


Framework agreements for the supply of raw materials and finished products directly from the parent company's warehouse.


A comprehensive management software or app license that enables users to effortlessly track business performance, record sales, manage inventory, and handle various other tasks, all with a single click.


For businesses that require it, installation and setup of a mobile application that enables users to place orders, browse the menu, and experience the proven effectiveness of the app.


The retail outlet must be opened within sixty business days of the location being finalized

Are you ready to enter the Circle of Taste?

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