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food box

Tuscan excellences in an original Food Box

Indulge yourself and others.

To leave your mark with more than just a gift basket, our Tuscan speciality Food Boxes are ideal for a special occasion: elegant, versatile and eco-friendly. Each selection is an unforgettable trip to Tuscany, with unique flavours and aromas to discover and share.

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We have worked on a packaging process that reduces plastic to a minimum, often limiting it to a few individual products. To traditional synthetic materials, we have preferred an unconventional, tasty and eco-friendly choice: peanuts. A natural, consumable and eco-sustainable product that we think will certainly find a delicious alternative use!

Your online shopping will arrive in packaging designed by us, which stands out for its quality and a unique and sophisticated design. Not only is it completely recyclable, but it can be reused in any domestic environment without sacrificing aesthetics.



Our boxes are designed to combine functionality with a unique and clearly recognizable design: sober and elegant at the same time, easily reusable in any context.


The entire storage, packing, and shipping process has been studied with materials and procedures that allow full maintenance of the cold chain without interruptions, in total respect of the work of our producers.


Minimized use of plastic; we eliminate it when not necesasry. To protect the products in our boxes from shocks and sudden movements, we use only American peanuts, biodegradable and incredibly tasty to "dispose of".

​Primi d'autore

The most typical flavours with the best artisan pasta

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Primi d'autore - Deluxe

The more choices, the better: more flavours, more colours

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Ode al Tartufo

Celebrating and enjoying the diamonds of the earth

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Every occasion is special
Just make it so

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Lume di candela - Deluxe

Revel in luxury with complicity

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Lume di candela - Small

Indulge in intimacy

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Dolce sipario

Finish in style with traditional Tuscan desserts

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Dolce sipario - Deluxe

Sweetly surprise those who ask for seconds

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Love is gluten-free

Enjoy Luxury
No sacrifices

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Nudo & Crudo

Have some great wine and fine bread handy… they’ll  ake care of the rest

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Tagliere è potere

Compose an appetizer platter with class and a dash of vanity

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Tagliere è potere - Deluxe

More guests, more choice,
the same class

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A complete experience of Tuscan aromas and flavours

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Satisfy every appetite with a pinch of wonderment

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Sophisticated dishes to indulge in for special occasions

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Malto d'orzo

12 glasses: Each ferment,
A discovery to savour

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Tra Torri e Mura

A challenge between Pisa and Lucca under the gaze of Bacchus

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Mosto d'uva

Certainties and surprises from our hills

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Amore e Psiche

Celebrate Love by whetting all 5 senses

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Vizi Natalizi

Surprise under the mistletoe with the best of tradition

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Croce e Delizia

At Easter, passion becomes feast and enjoyment

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