Le spedizioni riprenderanno a Settembre

Vice, not sin

Indulge your senses and treat yourself to the best of what Tuscany has to offer

Dreaming of excellence

Indulging in the pleasures of the palate is so closely related to the fifth capital vice. But we are not speaking of excessive consumption of food, but of food luxury, a predilection for refined cuisine and genuine dishes. As true hedonists, we have added a touch of sensuality to our products, looking for the perfect combination of taste and desire.


Immersed in the industry from a young age: three generations of selling food wholesale to grocery stores and, later, restaurants. 

Joining the family business at the age of 20, he became CEO at 25 and transformed the company into an SPA within five years. Having gained extensive knowledge and expertise in the food and beverage industry, he decided to travel across Tuscany in search of the region's finest culinary treasures.

A sommelier since the early 2000s, he has unearthed hidden wineries and amassed a collection of labels unknown to the mass market, yet absolutely worth discovering. A collection that grows richer with each passing month. 

He has masterfully crafted an exclusive format that seamlessly blends the heritage of these traditional and artisanal products with a modern, comfortable, and captivating ambiance.

A haven for indulgence, where forgotten flavors are rediscovered and pleasure knows no bounds.


We started from Tuscany and step by step, we sailed the seas and climbed mountains in search of inspirations, fragrances, and combinations.


Years of experience in the agri-food field have allowed us to get to know and appreciate rare, ancient flavours indissolubly linked to the areas to which they belong: only the best of the history of this country.


We have given and asked for trust from those who have dedicated their lives to the production of often-unknown delights: farmers, shepherds, homebrewers who live between tradition and experimentation. A myriad of stories, which we try to tell and disseminate.


We have put together lots of stories, choosing the ones that for us should be supported, enjoyed and told. Tuscan specialities born from the oldest and most cultivated traditions, kneaded, massaged by the most expert hands, as a sign of love for raw materials.


Choosing what, in our direct experience, represents the excellence of production, but also of a tradition as vast as that of Tuscany has been – and still is, because we never stop discovering and learning – one of the most stimulating challenges of our work.


We ventured out as facilitators of experiences, ambassadors of taste for true food & wine lovers and connoisseurs consistently in the quest for new, sought-after flavours. The aim? To search, discover, share. Again and again.


We work to bring only the finest food to your table, in the ideal time and conditions to enjoy it to the fullest and without exceptions.

Our mission

We do not want to satisfy your hunger: we want to provoke it. We have searched, found and selected the finest delicacies to satisfy the appetites of those who know how to appreciate them.


Each product is a story, an experience that we want to offer and ensure to the fullest: a careful and precise management of the warehouse and shipments is essential to guarantee the integrity of the flavour of a product of excellence, especially when it comes to online shopping.

An effective logistics machine and efficient process management have been a staple since we started building Quintovizio, and are today a source of great pride for the entire team.


Where there is authenticity, passion and tradition, that’s where we are


Our warehouse is a spacious and fully equipped environment, organized according to the highest quality standards, in full respect of the work of the producers. We want to guarantee total traceability and the best possible preservation of all our Tuscan products, waiting to bring them on the tables of enthusiasts throughout Italy.

With this in mind, the packaging and shipping of food has been designed and engineered with materials and methods that allow the cold chain to be respected and maintained without interruption.


Delivery to Italy is guaranteed in 2 working days with direct online payment. Particular destinations such as islands or remote locations can take up to 1-2 additional days.


Sign up and check the status of your order directly from your user area. Once the shipment is under way, you will receive an email with a link to track your order in real time.


Each product is a story, an experience that we want to offer and ensure at its best, in full respect of the work of our producers. People with whom we have a special relationship, which allows us to personally guarantee the added value of each product we have chosen.


Why buy quality dishes if they are not preserved at their best? Our warehouse is state-of-the-art: rooms, procedures and packaging that keep the cold chain and the organoleptic properties of each product intact. Even in summer..